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Submitted by Sl on Thu, 20/02/14 - 18:10

Last Month, Sl's Repository had it's 2nd birthday, and to celebrate I made a few changes to the site, including new design changes and other nice improvements - Inside the article you can read more about the changes and my plans for the future.

~the Sweet Setup

Submitted by Sl on Sat, 30/11/13 - 20:52

The Sweet Setup is a new website by Shawn Blanc and friends to showcase the best apps for the iPhone, iPad and Mac.
Here's how Shawn described it:

We enjoy spending an inordinate amount of time and energy to research, test, and find the very best apps.
Who wants just any weather app? Not us. We want the best! And so do you. That’s why our goal is to help you (and ourselves) find the best apps for your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

I really like how the reviews are written on The Sweet Setup, like any good review it starts by describing the app, what the writer liked and what can be improved. But on The Sweet Setup, the review doesn't end here. Following the best app review, there's a review of a runner up, why the best app is better than it and at the end, a list of the apps that were tested. It's really nice. The Sweet Setup doesn't offer only reviews, but also includes tips and interviews which are quite good. Not sure where to start? Take the Dime Tour. I later continued to the best iPhone text editor and the best journaling app. If you are looking for the best app for a certain task, I highly recommend you to check out The Sweet Setup. It's the best place to find the best apps.


Submitted by Sl on Sat, 30/11/13 - 20:51

Appdated is a series of links I will post from time to time about apps I like that has been updated. It's for when I got what to say about an update but it's not enough for a long review.

And on this post of Appdated - Launch Center Pro 2.0, iPhoto, Dropbox 3.0, Day One, Tweetbot 3, Pythonista 1.4 and iTranslate. Read more inside.