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Hi, I'm Shahaf Levi, otherwise known as Sl.

I'm a Developer and Writer and I aim to make apps that make people's lives better using Apple's hardware and software.

I was born in the 90’s of the last century and live in Akko, a town in northern Israel.

Sl's Repository is a Limited Liability Company founded on January 6, 2012 and Registered in London (England - Company Number - 08166161) in August 2012.

It's my place on the web, where all the things I like, think, make and discover are posted.

I hope you enjoy your stay here :)


If you are interested in knowing what I made, all of my creations are available in the Products page.

The Apps I Use

A lot of websites include a list of apps used to create the website. I believe that all the apps I use everyday contribute to the work I do here, so I made a list of all of them and you can find it here.


Aside from my friends and family, I am also inspired by the great writers and developers listed below. If you like my work, you might like some of these websites:

There are a lot of great developers and writers I like that aren't mentioned here. If you are looking for a more complete list, you can check who I follow on Twitter. But you don't have to, because if I like something someone made, you will most likely see a post (either linked or not) about it on this site.


If you like my work, find this site useful or want to help keep the lights on around here you can support me by making a donation by clicking here, I'd really appreciate it.


If you want to contact me on any matter (questions, ideas, suggestions or anything else), you can send me an email at
You can also contact me on Twitter or
It might take some time before I get back to you, but I always reply, so please don't take it personally if it's been a while before you receive my response.