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On this page you can discover everything about all the things and creations I made. Enjoy :)


Browsy is the smart fullscreen web browser that allows you the browse the web without anything getting in your way. Find out more about it here or download it here, it's free. You can also view Browsy's changelog here.


Dropit is a new way to listen to music on your iOS Device - It's your music, in your way. Dropit uses Dropbox to allow you to listen to your music anywhere you are. Find out more about it here or download it here, it's free. You can also view Dropit's changelog here.

The Sl's Repository Website

The website you are currently reading. It's my place on the web, it's the place where all the things I made, discover, like and think are posted. It is hosted on a Mac mini and powered by WordPress. The website was opened for the first time on January 8, 2012 until January 19, 2012 and then entered a long maintenance which ended when the website was officially launched on June 11 ,2012, just prior to Apple's WWDC 2012. You can view the site's changelog here.

Rodeo Blue

Rodeo Blue is a Chrome/Safari extension I created for a more delightful Feed Wrangler experience. Find our more about it here. You can view Rodeo Blue's changelog here.

SOS Weather - Swimsuit or Sweater?

SOS Weather (SOS stands for Swimsuit or Sweater?) is a weather web app powered by a Python CGI script made by me based on a script by Dr. Drang. Find out more about it here.

Editorial Workflows

Editorial is the app that changed the way I write on my iPad. It's expendable with workflows, and below are all the workflows I made for it followed by opinions on them.


  • New Affiliate Link - This is a workflow I made to generate new iTunes affiliate links from the clipboard. If there's no link in the clipboard or if I don't want to use the link in the clipboard, It asks if I want to get a link from Google. Get it here. If you would rather search the App Store instead of Google for a link, use this version of the workflow.
  • Open a Link in the Browser - With this workflow by me, I select a link in the To Do Links file, run the workflow and it opens in the in-app browser. Get it here. I also made a version that requests a URL to open and a version to open a link from the clipboard.


  • Managing the Clipboard - to see what's currently in my Clipboard, I made this workflow but what if I want to edit it? No problem. If the clipboard contains a shortened URL, how do I get the long version of it? With this workflow.
  • Dashboard - Dashboard is a workflow that helps you write by providing quick access to helpful data like Today's Date, Your Clipboard, What's open in the browser and quick links to some of your most used workflows. All you have to do is put it in the bookmarks bar.
  • Searching the web - If I'm looking for a link to an app, the App Store is the best place to look in. So to search the App Store I made this workflow. When I want to search not for a link to an app, I run this workflow I made and it opens Google with search results to what I wrote, Quick and simple. When I want to extend Editorial, I check the Workflows Directory for a workflow before I make a new one using this workflow.
  • Percent Encoding - Sometimes you need to percent encode text. To do just that I created a workflow that percent encodes the Clipboard, Selected Text or Browser Selection and pastes the result in the clipboard. Want to revert percent encoding? there's a workflow for that too.
  • Moving Documents between Dropbox and Local - To move documents between Dropbox and Local I made 2 workflows. One for Local to Dropbox, and One for Dropbox to Local. I later merged them into one workflow called Smart Move.
  • Drafts: CrossPost Tweetbot + Felix - This is a workflow I made to Cross Post both to Twitter and, using Drafts for iPad and my favorite iPad clients for Twitter and - Tweetbot and Felix. To run this workflow, you need to install the Drafts action by clicking here. There are two versions to this workflow- This version posts/tweets selected text and This version asks for a text input and posts/tweets the inputed text. You can also change the workflow to run any other Drafts action.
  • Post with Poster - This workflow by me sends the document to Poster with the file name as the post title. I have Federico's Post to WordPress workflow but I use Poster to fill in the Excerpt field, Tag posts, choose categories and I don't want the post to be published immediately so I made this workflow. Get it here.


I like Pinboard and I made these workflows to use Pinboard with Editorial.

  • Pinboard Link Library - to show all the links I pinned and grab links to them I made this workflow. It asks for a username and tags, and shows all the public bookmarks by that user. If you want to check only your bookmarks, this version will show a preconfigured user feed. If you don't to use tags with the preconfigured feed, use this version.
  • Save Link to Pinboard - to save a new link to Pinboard I made this workflow. To save the page currently open in the browser, use this version of the workflow.

What people say about the Editorial Workflows

Self Used Products

  • - an URL shortening service used to shorten Sl's Repository links in Twitter, Facebook and other social networks and web services. Powered by
  • TweetSS - Twitter in RSS form.
  • ReadSS - Web RSS Reader to read TweetSS feeds. Based on Selfoss by Tobias Zeising.
  • Sl's Cloud - My WebDAV Server. Formerly a modified Owncloud installation, now a full-blown Apache server.

Discontinued Products

  • Sl's Cydia Repository (and it's hosted packages) - Sl's Cydia Repository is a Cydia Repository ran and maintained by Sl's Repository. The Repository offers Cydia apps and tweaks created by Sl himself and other developers not related to Sl's Repository for jailbroken devices. It was available on the following address: .
  • The vloop Website - vloop (all letters are lower-case intentionally) is a website created by Sl's Repository to allow viewing TV Shows on iPhones, iPads, iPod Touchs and Apple TVs(using AirPlay) without using Flash.
  • Sl's Webmail - My IMAP Web Server to manage all my site related mail.
  • The Sl's Repository app - an app used to monitor and use the site's cPanel, stats and other useful data on the go.