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~Learning to Love Photo Management 2.0

Submitted by Sl on Sun, 04/05/14 - 01:12

Yesterday, Bradley Chambers released version 2.0 of his book, “Learning To Love Photo Management”, where he discusses the best ways to backup and manage your photos.
In version 2.0, Bradley rewrote the book, updated the screenshots and also discuses Dropbox's purchase of Loom, Dropbox's Carousel and my Photo management solution of choice - Picturelife.
The book is only 2.99$, and is available on the iBooks Store and has a Kindle and PDF editions available on Bradley's Site - Chambers Daily.
Save yourself from losing all of your precious pictures - Learn to Love Photo Management Now.

~Clear With Reminders

Submitted by Sl on Sun, 04/05/14 - 00:48

Clear by Realmac Software, the app I use for my To-Do lists, has received a major upgrade this week with support from Reminders.

We’ve been busy working away on the next big update to Clear, and today we’re thrilled to announce that Clear with Reminders is now available on the App Store. Set a reminder, and Clear will remind you across all your devices as Clear for Mac also gets this new feature today as well!

Reminders didn't change the way the app works, or cluttered the interface, the app now includes a simple tappable bell that opens a custom made date picker that will send a push notification to the time you set.
The update also includes sound packs as in-app purchase, but they are free if you purchased Realmac's Clear+ earlier this year.
This update is a great new addition to an app I use all the time. If you haven't checked out Clear yet, you really should. It's 4.99$ on the App Store.


Submitted by Sl on Sun, 27/04/14 - 00:02

Loom, the service I used to backup and manage my photos alongside Dropbox, announced that they have been purchased by Dropbox, 2 weeks ago.
I migrated my photos to Dropbox with Loom's export system, and you can too until May 16, 2014. You will be able to keep any extra space you purchased for a year and every space you earned if you are a free user. Loom has been integrated into Dropbox's new Carousel app and while Carousel is nice, I have started using a new service to manage my photos alongside Dropbox. Picturelife.
Picturelife is the best way to manage all your photos in one place. It pulls your photos from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox and more services and the photos you upload with the mobile or desktop app and allows you to edit, manage and sort all of your photos in one place. For organization, it has smart albums, timeline (which allows you to edit the date if the photo if it's wrong!), tags (both Facebook style tags where you tag people's faces and Twitter style tags), captions, descriptions and powerful search. You can use either Picturelife's storage (first 5GB free) or you can use your own Amazon S3 Bucket. Other Picturelife users can send you pictures that you can save to your Picturelife and Picturelife allows you to share your pictures with just your family or friends with the Friends Stream and Family Stream, or you can share to social networks you connected to the service. And it has a Memories feature that shows you today (or this week) a few years back, which is really nice. There is a lot more I can say about it but I think you should try it yourself. You can also read more about it compared to Loom in this review by Bradley Chambers on The Sweet Setup. Create an account here and download the app from the App Store for free. It's the best photo management solution I have tried recently, and I plan on making a long review of it soon.

~MacStories 4.0

Submitted by Sl on Sat, 26/04/14 - 23:01

For MacStories 4.0, we wanted to get back to basics. We deleted the old design and codebase and decided to focus on what, ultimately, readers come to MacStories for: reading articles.

Earlier this week, Federico Viticci, one of my favorite writers, launched version 4.0 of his website MacStories. This is a complete redesign of a website I have been reading for a very long time with a delightful new reading experience.
If you haven't checked MacStories yet, now would be a good time.

~Riposte 1.6

Submitted by Sl on Sat, 22/02/14 - 23:37

Yesterday, version 1.6 of Riposte was released with native support for cross-posting to Twitter (with support for multiple Twitter accounts at once) for Pro users, support for OverShareKit and interface changes to make the app feel even more at home on iOS 7. Riposte was already updated with a new look for iOS 7 in September, but with version 1.6, Jared Sinclair imported his ideas from Unread into Riposte, got rids of all remaining gloss and shine and provided a simpler and more delightful look for Riposte. The Dark mode has also been updated and new fonts were added. Although I have been using Felix a lot more than Riposte lately 1, I think this is a great update and it makes Riposte a joy to use 2.

  1. I like Felix's iOS 7 design and the Puck better. The iPad version is also great too. 

  2. I am thinking of using it a lot more on my iPhone. 

~the Sweet Setup

Submitted by Sl on Sat, 30/11/13 - 20:52

The Sweet Setup is a new website by Shawn Blanc and friends to showcase the best apps for the iPhone, iPad and Mac.
Here's how Shawn described it:

We enjoy spending an inordinate amount of time and energy to research, test, and find the very best apps.
Who wants just any weather app? Not us. We want the best! And so do you. That’s why our goal is to help you (and ourselves) find the best apps for your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

I really like how the reviews are written on The Sweet Setup, like any good review it starts by describing the app, what the writer liked and what can be improved. But on The Sweet Setup, the review doesn't end here. Following the best app review, there's a review of a runner up, why the best app is better than it and at the end, a list of the apps that were tested. It's really nice. The Sweet Setup doesn't offer only reviews, but also includes tips and interviews which are quite good. Not sure where to start? Take the Dime Tour. I later continued to the best iPhone text editor and the best journaling app. If you are looking for the best app for a certain task, I highly recommend you to check out The Sweet Setup. It's the best place to find the best apps.