Browsy 1.2 - Above and Beyond

Submitted by Sl on Mon, 16/05/16 - 20:36

Almost a year ago, at the beginning of June, a few weeks before the release of Browsy 1.1, I started working on version 1.2 of Browsy. Throughout the year, I worked on a lot of different things for the app (and Sl's Repository in general) and today is the day to finally reveal this big update.

Browsy 1.2 goes above and beyond your iPhone with a ton of new features.

Want to know more about all of the new features? Read inside this article.

Browsy 1.1 - Your Browsing Just Got an Upgrade

Submitted by Sl on Mon, 29/06/15 - 18:56

3 months ago, on March 23, I released Browsy, the smart fullscreen web browser to the world. And Today, after 3 months full of work, research, coding and testing, I'm proud to announce that Browsy 1.1 is now available on the App Store.

Browsy 1.1 is filled with a lot of new features and improvements that make the app so much better and more enjoyable. With the update, the app is no longer a nice addition to Safari, but a viable alternative. Like Safari, but without the Chrome. Can’t wait to hear what’s new? Read inside this post for more information.

Browsy - the Smart Fullscreen Web Browser

Submitted by Sl on Mon, 23/03/15 - 19:59
Browsy, Released on the App Store

The time has come. My latest app, Browsy, is now available on the App Store.

Browsy is a smart fullscreen web browser that allows you the browse the web without anything getting in your way.

I had the idea of a browser app for years now, but 2 months ago, when I got my new MacBook Pro, I had a lot of ideas for a browser merge into a single app idea.

Want to know more? Read inside this article.


Submitted by Sl on Mon, 09/02/15 - 23:31

Last month, I've started writing this article, I thought I should make it a "2014 Year in Review" sort of post - But my intention was to focus more on what I didn't do in 2014, what I wanted to do, and how I hope to change that in 2015.
But then I had a déjà vu feeling... I have been writing similar things in the past years the site is up.

So I deleted the file for this post and thought: "How would I make this post different, so that you, my kind readers, read it and will be able to truly see my intentions for 2015?". The answer to the question, along with other information about my 2014 is inside.

~Learning to Love Photo Management 2.0

Submitted by Sl on Sun, 04/05/14 - 01:12

Yesterday, Bradley Chambers released version 2.0 of his book, “Learning To Love Photo Management”, where he discusses the best ways to backup and manage your photos.
In version 2.0, Bradley rewrote the book, updated the screenshots and also discuses Dropbox's purchase of Loom, Dropbox's Carousel and my Photo management solution of choice - Picturelife.
The book is only 2.99$, and is available on the iBooks Store and has a Kindle and PDF editions available on Bradley's Site - Chambers Daily.
Save yourself from losing all of your precious pictures - Learn to Love Photo Management Now.