~Shawn Blanc's Pinboard Guide

Submitted by Sl on Sat, 12/10/13 - 11:49

Pinboard is a service for bookmarking. I heard a lot about it but everytime I thought “Should I sign up?” I decided not to, because I couldn't find a use for it. It all changed when I read Shawn Blanc's Beginner’s Guide to Pinboard 2 weeks ago. I finally found a use for Pinboard, and have been using it heavily since signing up. Like Shawn, I decided to collect everything that is or was interesting to me, every link I clicked, every post I read on Reeder and the tabs I open on my browser. Shawn wrote everything you need to start using Pinboard - Bookmarklets, Apps, Tips and the most important thing - Why to use Pinboard. Signing up to Pinboard costs a one time fee of the number of users * $0.001, so the fee is currently 10.22$. I recommend you read Shawn's guide and sign up for Pinboard as soon as you can, because it's a great service and the earlier you join, the less you'll pay.

~Amount Unit Converter

Submitted by Sl on Thu, 26/09/13 - 20:41

Amount by Marco Torretta is a handy unit converter for iPhone. The app is iOS 7 ready and contains units in 25 categories, that you can customize(choose which units/categories to show) like Time, Currency, Weight, Speed and Length. It comes with a history log, so you can see and use previous conversions and also supports basic math actions (and percentages). Federico Viticci wrote a nice review about it that you should check for more information. The app is constantly updated and only costs 0.99$ on the App Store, so even if you won't use it a lot, I suggest you pick it up, It's worth it.

~Perfect Weather

Submitted by Sl on Wed, 25/09/13 - 11:23

Perfect Weather by Constrast is an app I have been waiting for for a long time. I have been trying a few weather apps, used Check the Weather until I switched to Today Weather. I sticked with Today for a while but it wasn't the app I was looking for, so I when I heard that David Barnard was working on a weather app I was really excited. But, after all the excitement, Perfect Weather ended up disappointing me. Don't get me wrong, the app is really great and it has exactly the features I want from a weather app, but the app only works in the US, so it useless for me. Dave Caolo of TUAW prepared a nice review of it, so if you are in the US and looking for a great weather app, check Dave's review and get Perfect Weather - it's only 2.99$ on the App Store.

100 Days in the Future: iOS 7 Review

Submitted by Sl on Wed, 25/09/13 - 10:48

This week, Apple released iOS 7 to the public, and it was massive.
There were millions of tweets and posts about iOS 7 24 hours after the release, a lot of developers got to publish the updates they worked on for the past 100 days, with a lot of new updates appearing in the store. I went into the store and took a look at the updates-
Out of 90 apps I constantly use, 40 were updated and half of the updates also featured a beautiful new design for iOS 7. I was surprised(I was expecting a lot more) that only 2 updates were “paid upgrades”(the app's update was released as a separate app) - Reeder 2 and Clear for iOS 7.
I have been using iOS 7 on both my iPhone and iPad every day since the first beta arrived and here are the features I like the most.