Plex and XBMC

Submitted by Sl on Thu, 04/07/13 - 15:56

Since I purchased my 3rd generation Apple TV on March of last year(2012), I have been looking for a way to watch flash videos/streams from the internet on it, I have been testing media services that could work through AirPlay, and even tried to create my own, until I settled for XBMC with the Navi-X plugin. I have tried Plex before XBMC, But it's focus on local files seemed like the opposite of what I wanted, so I went on for XBMC.

It all changed last month, when I found PlexConnect. If you wanna know what is PlexConnect and how did it change the way I watch media on my Apple TV, Read more inside the article.

Google Reader Going Down

Submitted by Sl on Mon, 01/07/13 - 23:41

Today is the day the sun sets on Google Reader. Back in march, Google announced the shutdown of the RSS Reader service and what followed the announcement was a developers explosion of great alternative RSS Readers - Feedly, Feed Wrangler, Fever, Feedbin, Digg Reader, AOL Reader, FeedHQ, BazQuax Reader and NewsBlur are just some of the new alternatives. Read more about my reviews and opinions on some of these services.