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Submitted by Sl on Fri, 27/09/13 - 14:13

Pod Wrangler is a new app and service by David Smith, maker of Feed Wrangler. While I agree with Federico Viticci that the app currently doesn't fit with how I listen to podcasts, I think Pod Wrangler is a great foundation for the future of podcasting clients. The way I listen to podcasts and what I need from a podcast client is pretty simple - I need my client to send me a notification that a new episode is available, I open the app, stream the episode(not download, but the app should have support for downloading) and when I'm done listening, I mark it with a star(or whatever the app has to mark an episode as favorite). The client I use is Instacast since it has all of the features I need and more. Pod Wrangler is missing only the mark as favorite feature, but I found another use for the app. Instead of using it as my podcasts client I use it as a music and audio manager thanks to it's MP3 download feature. It's great for managing non-podcast audio like the Delight is in the Details interviews for example. I like the pricing model David used for the app. It's free, but the free version is limited to 5 subscriptions and has no push notifications support. To unlock the full features of Pod Wrangler, you can login to your Feed Wrangler account or if you don't have one, you can pay a 1.99$ in-app purchase. Pod Wrangler is powered by a Pod Wrangler API that was released alongside the app. I can't wait to see what apps will be made with the API, because since the API is based on the Feed Wrangler API we could see some really interesting apps soon. So, If you are looking for a great and simple podcast client, I recommend you check out Pod Wrangler, it's free on the App Store.

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