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Submitted by Sl on Sun, 27/04/14 - 00:02

Loom, the service I used to backup and manage my photos alongside Dropbox, announced that they have been purchased by Dropbox, 2 weeks ago.
I migrated my photos to Dropbox with Loom's export system, and you can too until May 16, 2014. You will be able to keep any extra space you purchased for a year and every space you earned if you are a free user. Loom has been integrated into Dropbox's new Carousel app and while Carousel is nice, I have started using a new service to manage my photos alongside Dropbox. Picturelife.
Picturelife is the best way to manage all your photos in one place. It pulls your photos from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox and more services and the photos you upload with the mobile or desktop app and allows you to edit, manage and sort all of your photos in one place. For organization, it has smart albums, timeline (which allows you to edit the date if the photo if it's wrong!), tags (both Facebook style tags where you tag people's faces and Twitter style tags), captions, descriptions and powerful search. You can use either Picturelife's storage (first 5GB free) or you can use your own Amazon S3 Bucket. Other Picturelife users can send you pictures that you can save to your Picturelife and Picturelife allows you to share your pictures with just your family or friends with the Friends Stream and Family Stream, or you can share to social networks you connected to the service. And it has a Memories feature that shows you today (or this week) a few years back, which is really nice. There is a lot more I can say about it but I think you should try it yourself. You can also read more about it compared to Loom in this review by Bradley Chambers on The Sweet Setup. Create an account here and download the app from the App Store for free. It's the best photo management solution I have tried recently, and I plan on making a long review of it soon.