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~Riposte 1.6

Submitted by Sl on Sat, 22/02/14 - 23:37

Yesterday, version 1.6 of Riposte was released with native support for cross-posting to Twitter (with support for multiple Twitter accounts at once) for Pro users, support for OverShareKit and interface changes to make the app feel even more at home on iOS 7. Riposte was already updated with a new look for iOS 7 in September, but with version 1.6, Jared Sinclair imported his ideas from Unread into Riposte, got rids of all remaining gloss and shine and provided a simpler and more delightful look for Riposte. The Dark mode has also been updated and new fonts were added. Although I have been using Felix a lot more than Riposte lately 1, I think this is a great update and it makes Riposte a joy to use 2.

  1. I like Felix's iOS 7 design and the Puck better. The iPad version is also great too. 

  2. I am thinking of using it a lot more on my iPhone.