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Submitted by Sl on Fri, 21/02/14 - 19:24

In the last month I discovered some great new apps I really love. Here are some thoughts about each app.

Launch Center Pro for iPad

Last month, one of my favorite apps, Launch Center Pro was updated to version 2.2 and brought some great new features like Dropbox Text Actions, VoiceOver Support, Dictionary Lookup, Text-to-Speech and New Group-related features. But alongside the update, Contrast also released Launch Center Pro for iPad. I have been waiting for an iPad version of Launch Center Pro for years, and it's great to finally have one. Here's Federico Viticci's review of the iPad version. It's 7.99$ on the App Store.

From The Sweet Setup

Thanks to The Sweet Setup I discovered these apps:


After reading the review of the best photo editing app for iPhone, I downloaded the app, and I really like it. It's Free on the App Store.


I have been looking for a good recipe app for my mom to use for a really long time (I even thought of making one) and my search was finally over when I read the review for Paprika, The best recipe manager for iOS. What I looked for in a recipe app is support for web import in different languages, support for creating grocery lists out (in Reminders or Clear) and sharing those recipes and grocery lists with other people. Paprika has all of these and more, and that's what makes it the best. Get it from the App Store for 4.99$. You can get the iPad Edition here).


For a long time, I used Calzy as my calculator and Amount for unit conversions and avoided using PCalc because I thought I don't need all of it's extra features…. until I read Dr. Drang's review of it on The Sweet Serup. It is simply the best calculator out there, It's Samurai theme looks really good (and is also customizable with different colors!), it has some sweet animations and offers great features like a history tape 1 with gestures to undo and redo actions, unit conversions (with support for custom units), functions and even support for Binary and Hexadecimal numbers, It's everything I could ask for from a calculator. You can get a lite version of it from the App Store for free and unlock only the features you want, but if you want to buy the full version with all the features straight away (I tried the Lite version and then bought the full version, I don't like in-app purchases.) you can get it for 9.99$ by clicking here.


At the end of January, David Smith, who is one of my favorite developers, released a major 2.0 update to his app Pedometer++. I didn't use Pedometer++ before that update but because I enjoyed looking at my daily steps in Day One and I wanted to see if I have a healthy lifestyle with enough physical activity, I checked it out. The app is simple and accurate and shows your weekly step count. You can tune your gender, height and daily step goal in the settings and you can also share or export your step count. The default step goal is 10,000 since it's a reasonable healthy goal and I kept it this way. I was happy to find out that I pass the goal every day except for Friday and Saturday when I rest. If you have an iPhone 5S (it's required because Pedometer pulls the data from your iPhone's M7 processor) If you looking for a way to track your steps or just see the step count taken by your iPhone, look no further than Pedometer++, Free on the App Store.


Reporter by Nicholas Feltron is a nice little app to keep track of your life. The app sends you notifications randomly throughout the day and asks you a series of questions. It was made to help Feltron make his Annual Report of 2012, and includes question like what are you wearing, eating or drinking, if you are working or not and other questions you can set by yourself. It also fetches information on the weather, your location, your sound and your step count and includes it in each report. I use the app to keep track of what I think about and how I live my life and it's perfect for that goal. If you want to keep track of your life, Reporter is available on the App Store for 3.99$, and it's great.

If you have questions/ideas/suggestions/something to say about anything on the website, feel free to contact me via email, Twitter or, Thanks for reading! :)

  1. It's a short term history tape, and that's what I like about it. I don't need to know what I have calculated a month ago, I need what I calculated a few minutes ago.