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Submitted by Sl on Thu, 20/02/14 - 18:10

Last Month, Sl's Repository had it's 2nd birthday, and to celebrate I made a few changes to the site...

New design for text

The body of all articles, pages and posts has been updated to sport a new font: Source Sans Pro by Paul D. Hunt of Adobe. Even the slider captions have a new design for the new font. And to make sure everything looks especially great, I updated the style of all custom text decorations: Footnotes (more on them in a bit), Italic text, Bold text, Code blocks, links



  • And lists

All have a new look and feel. Footnotes were given special treatment and are now powered by bigfoot.js by Chris Sauve so there is a popover with the footnote content instead of the old way of sending you to the bottom of the article and then sending you back up with a click on an arrow. It's really great and better than before 1.

New post type

Meet Short Posts - marked with a + and act like links, short posts are new kind of posts that are just like links - except they don't link to anywhere. They are there for when I want to share a few thoughts about an app or something else, but it's not enough for an article and doesn't have a place to link to. Starting today, All the new Appdated posts will be short posts instead of links.

Improved Webclip behavior

The Webclip/webapp feature of the site 2 has been improved and is now following the latest rules set by iOS 7. No more black status bar or an iPhone 4 version of the site on your iPhone 5. Also new is staystandalone.js that keeps you in the webapp instead of opening links in Safari.

What Next?

For Year 3, I hope to have more time to write, develop and improve my existing creations. I haven't had much time lately, but I have big plans for Dropit and the site, and I also got a few other things in the works. I hope you will like all of these new things coming soon and thank you for being there and enjoying the site and my other creations :)

  1. Here's an example. 

  2. When you add the site to your Home Screen.