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Rumors Point to New iPhone Announcement Event on September 12th

Submitted by Sl on Fri, 03/08/12 - 23:42

Ever Since the release of the iPhone 4 in 2010, rumors about the next generation iPhone, often called "iPhone 5" have been posted around the web. The latest rumor from a few trustworthy sources claims the next iPhone will be announced on September 12th. Read more about it inside!

Runner-Up App of the Month of June: Spotify

Submitted by Sl on Tue, 03/07/12 - 22:02

Spotify is a great music streaming service similiar to Grooveshark and Pandora. Their iPhone app was first available in August 2009 and they launched their iPad app just about a month ago in May. Spotify launched their new "Free Radio You Can Save" feature that's let's you discover and save music on the go. If the radio station plays a song you really like, you can save it with a single tap. This update led us to choose Spotify as the Runner-up app of the Month of June. Read inside for the review.