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Apple Officially Shut Down MobileMe and

Submitted by Sl on Sat, 04/08/12 - 20:07

July 31 was quite a busy day, with this day also marking the end of the MobileMe and iWork Services. Apple Has officially shut down both MobileMe and services for users, meaning that if you were a user of one of these services and you didn't backup your files or moved them to iCloud, they are gone for good. MobileMe was actually shut down on June 30th, but Apple gave users 30 days to downlaod their files or migrate them to iCloud. Visiting will take you to an error page with a sign saying MobileMe is closed and point you to, and visiting will redirect you to Apple's Home page.

Apple also plans to transfer all MobileMe email addresses to iCloud, even if you opened a address from the Settings app and it does belong to iCloud, your mail will be changed to starting with the release of iOS 6, this fall.

Hvae you managed to backup your files or Transfer to iCloud before the shutdown? Tell us in the Comments Below!