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Rumors Point to New iPhone Announcement Event on September 12th

Submitted by Sl on Fri, 03/08/12 - 23:42

Will the next iPhone look like that? (Concept by Ciccarese Design)

iMore (the website that pinpointed the 3rd generation iPad release date and the iPhone 4S pre-order date) along with AllThingsD, The Loop, MacRumors, The Verge, Reuters, NYTimes and Bloomberg all claim that Apple will hold a media event on September 12th to announce the next generation iPhone, next generation iPod Nano and the 7.85" iPad before releasing them in September 21st.
The next iPhone, often reffered to as "iPhone 5" is believed to have a taller 4" screen, smaller dock connector and 4G LTE capabilities like those available on the 3rd generation iPad.
We at Sl's Repository don't refer the next iPhone as iPhone 5 or The New iPhone becuase, like the case with the 3rd generation iPad, we can't know how will Apple name it... WIll They keep the numbering scheme and call it "iPhone 5" or maybe they will drop the numbering and just name it "The New iPhone" or maybe they will go with something different than these.
All of the above sources have been an accurate source of information regarding Release dates and to add even more credibility to this rumor, Sharp, maker of the current iPhone screen, said that they will start shipping the next iPhone's screens to Apple this month.

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