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Amazon Releases Instant Video App for iPad

Submitted by Sl on Sat, 04/08/12 - 16:03

Just 24 hours after Hulu appeared on the Apple TV and also a day after upgrading their Cloud Music Player service, Amazon released their Instant Video App to the iPad, allowing Amazon Prime subscribers stream online Prime videos as well as being able to download content for offline viewing. The app also includes Season Pass for TV shows, making episodes available for streaming the morning after the show airs on TV. The app will also resume where you left off watching from Kindle Fire, PS3, PC, Mac, or any device connected your Amazon Prime account. Another feature is the Watchlist, Which allows you to queue up individual movies or whole TV seasons that they wish to view later and then upload the list to the cloud, so you can add a movie on your iPad and then watch it on your Mac.

The App is great and runs very smoothly, but it does have it's caveats. For example, you can’t buy or rent new videos or subscribe to the Prime service directly from the new Amazon Instant Video app, or even search for available videos. Instead, you’ll have to have to conduct such transactions directly through a browser, then shift over to the app for viewing. Also, The App does not support AirPlay, So when you try AirPlaying your video, Your Apple TV will only play the audio, but if you will try to use AirPlay Mirroring it works regularly.

All you have to do to access over 120,000 titles in Amazon’s video library of movies and television shows is to download the app for Free from the App Store by clicking here and subscribe to the Amazon Prime service for $79.99/year by clicking here, First week is free!. If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you will not only get access to the Instant Video app, but also access to Amazon's Cloud Drive and Cloud Player services, Free Two-Day Shipping on most of your Amazon purchases and more.

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