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Submitted by Sl on Thu, 20/02/14 - 18:10

Last Month, Sl's Repository had it's 2nd birthday, and to celebrate I made a few changes to the site, including new design changes and other nice improvements - Inside the article you can read more about the changes and my plans for the future.

100 Days in the Future: iOS 7 Review

Submitted by Sl on Wed, 25/09/13 - 10:48

This week, Apple released iOS 7 to the public, and it was massive.
There were millions of tweets and posts about iOS 7 24 hours after the release, a lot of developers got to publish the updates they worked on for the past 100 days, with a lot of new updates appearing in the store. I went into the store and took a look at the updates-
Out of 90 apps I constantly use, 40 were updated and half of the updates also featured a beautiful new design for iOS 7. I was surprised(I was expecting a lot more) that only 2 updates were “paid upgrades”(the app's update was released as a separate app) - Reeder 2 and Clear for iOS 7.
I have been using iOS 7 on both my iPhone and iPad every day since the first beta arrived and here are the features I like the most.