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Runner-Up App of the Month of June: Spotify

Submitted by Sl on Tue, 03/07/12 - 22:02

Spotify is a great music streaming service similiar to Grooveshark and Pandora. Their iPhone app was first available in August 2009 and they launched their iPad app just about a month ago in May. Spotify launched their new "Free Radio You Can Save" feature that's let's you discover and save music on the go. If the radio station plays a song you really like, you can save it with a single tap. This update led us to choose Spotify as the Runner-up app of the Month of June. Read inside for the review.

App of the Month of June: Snapseed

Submitted by Sl on Tue, 03/07/12 - 20:11

Snapseed is an amazing photo editing app brought to you by Nik Software, a company with serious following in the world of professional photography. It was first released for the iPad in June 2011 and then for the iPhone in August 2011, it won Apple's iPad App of the Year 2012 Award and now it's here as Sl's Repository's App of the Month of June. Read our review inside.

WWDC 2012 News Roundup

Submitted by Sl on Mon, 11/06/12 - 23:21

Apple's news at WWDC today skewed heavily toward its Mac line, with long-awaited updates to its MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, and MacBook Air lines, while also providing a first glimpse of the latest version of its iOS mobile operating system.
The event served as a reminder that while Apple's largest growth drivers are the iPhone and the iPad, its Mac line continues to be an important part of business. To better illustrate the point, Apple unveiled a next-generation MacBook Pro.
That said, the mobile end got its update with iOS 6, which includes 200 new updates, as well as upgrades to Siri.
Want to know more? Read inside!