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App of the Month of July: WhatsApp!

Submitted by Sl on Sun, 05/08/12 - 16:45

Another month ended, and now it's time to announce the App of the Month and it's Runner-up, so here's our review on WhatsApp, July's App of the Month!
WhatsApp Messenger has been around for a while but we choosed it as the App of the Month because it was free for a limited time this month.
WhatsApp is an app allowing you to make unlimited free messages to your contacts and all it needs is an internet connection. Setting up your WhatsApp account requires just your phone number and After your account has been created , WhatsApp will scan your address book and will automatically make you a Favorites list with everyone from your address book that use the app. WhatsApp is supported across many platforms, namely iOS (iPhone only), Android, Windows Phone, Nokia Symbian60 and S40 and Blackberry so expect that list to be long. When a message is sent, one check mark indicates that it was successfully delivered to the server. Two check marks next to the message lets users know that it was sent to the device of the contact successfully. The messages show up as push notifications so users are always aware of when someone sends or responds to a message. One of the messaging features that makes this app so great is that users are able to use the functions on their phones to send or receive media, such as pictures or recorded audio, that can be played or viewed directly in the app itself.
The App also comes complete with a few customization options. Users are free to create a profile name and add a picture to help other contacts they are chatting with know who is sending is a message, users can also the ability to set a custom status message or users can select a new status from a list so their contacts know if they are free to chat and can choose their own custom wallpaper for messages.

WhatsApp is available for just $0.99 on the App Store, and believe when we say it's worth it's price. Don't wait and grab it here now!