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Submitted by Sl on Sun, 30/06/13 - 13:06

It's been a while since I posted on the site, and it's time to reveal what I have been working on.

The Website

I'm proud to introduce to you the all new Sl's Repository 1.2. Version 1.0 was the first version of the site, 1.1 is a version that was queitly released on October to bring FlexSlider instead of the jQuery Cycle slider and an overall more smooth and stable website. Version 1.2 respresents the move from Drupal to WordPress. I moved the site to WordPress to make use of all WordPress has to offer, iOS apps, better 3rd party plugins and better experience overall. With WordPress, I also start writing in Markdown, the great syntax by John Gruber, for more easy and powerful writing from my iPhone. This Version also includes WooSlider, a better version of FlexSlider by WooThemes. Starting today, the website will become more personal. Previously, I posted news, without opinions or anything, just news. And now, The website is a personal news website (not a blog), where I'll be posting the same news with a more personal touch. Thoughts and ideas I have that aren't that aren't related to the site, will be posted on my blog, avaliable here. And with the Articles becoming more personal, I'm proud to introduce a new type of posts: Links. Links look just like articles, but they don't tell a story, they are created to share a great post I found online with my opinion of it. Links are marked with ~ in their title. And that it for the website.


Sl's Cydia Repository

With the new website, I'm stopping development for jailbroken devices. Which means that unfortunately, the Sl's Cydia Repository is biting the dust It will still be online for a while, but it will not be further updated. I'm closing the Cydia Repository to focus on app store development, and I hope you will like the things that will be made in the future with this increased focus.


For now, unfortunately, vloop will not be released due to matters that couldn't be solved during the beta. It might be solved in the future, but for now, it won't be released. However, with AirPlay on the Mac, Hulu Plus on Apple TV and Sl's XBMC Repository (a new product detailed below), vloop will barely be missed.

Sl's XBMC Repository

While working on vloop, I looked at the possible solutions to view flash videos/streams on Apple TV and found XBMC. And I made this little XBMC repository that contains all of the best addons for XBMC. With XBMC on your Mac and AirPlay, you can get mostly anything to show on your Apple TV. You can download the repository here.

I really hope you will enjoy all of these new changes I made on the site, since it took me a lot of time to make them, all for you, the readers and users.

If you have questions/ideas/suggestions/something to say about anything on the website, feel free to contact me via email, Twitter or, Thanks for reading! :)