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September 12 Media Event Confirmed by Apple

Submitted by Sl on Wed, 05/09/12 - 20:29

The invite to the event

Last month, We told you about a rumored media event in September 12, and now it's official. Next Wednesday, September 12, Apple will hold a media event where the company is expected to debut the next generation iPhone. Apple will host the event at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater, where they introduced the 3rd generation iPad, back in March.
The invite, that you can see above, says only "It's almost here" with a shadowed 5 underneath the September 12 date.

Please note that while the rumor we reported stated that a smaller iPad and a new iPod nano might also be revealed in the event, it is now more likely that if these devices do exist, they will be coming in another media event later in October. Because if Apple will introduce both the next generation iPhone and the smaller iPad, the smaller iPad might be overshadowed by the iPhone.

Rarely has a product ever been so analyzed, so rumored, and so leaked as Apple's next iPhone. Not a day, or even an hour, goes by without a new picture of the rumored case, screen, connector jack, even headphones. Has all the excitement already been spilled, or is there something completely different yet to come? Here's a rundown, all rumors aside, of what to expect.

What can we expect from the next iPhone?
-iOS 6 and Siri (obviously!)
Since iPhone 4S is getting new features for Siri in iOS 6, it is clear that the next generation iPhone will get this features as well.

The quality and availability of the 4G LTE service on the 3rd generation iPad makes LTE one of the chief features likely to be on the next generation iPhone.

-Longer and thinner screen
The next generation iPhone is expected to have a new taller 4" screen with a resolution of 1136x640 along with a new fifth row on the home screen. Increased in size from the iPhone 4 and 4S 's 3.5" screen and resolution of 960x640 with four rows for apps in the homescreen. A Bigger screen will also allow extra visible screen space above the virtual keyboard inside apps, and HD videos with less letterboxing in landscape mode. The new resolution is already available on the iPhone Simulator available for developers.

-A new dock connector
With most of the connections today being made via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or AirPlay, a totally new 8-pin connector might be featured in the next iPhone. A new 8-pin connector will take up less space, which could possibly be used by more battery capacity without adding to the phone's overall bulk. Of course, while a smaller connector may have its advantages, it has one major drawback: the long list of 30-pin accessories and cables will be instantly rendered obsolete until an adapter will be available.

-A new processor
The iPhone has seen processor upgrades every generation since the iPhone 3G, so a quad core A6 proccesor or a shrunken down A5X proccessor are very likely to be included in the next iPhone.

-A new camera?
The iPhone has made a successive leap in camera technology every generation since the iPhone 3GS, and very few people have any complaints about the quality of the iPhone's camera. So there could be additional camera modes or tweaks like improved multifocus, or a better flash. But it is also possible that with all the other new iPhone features, advancements in camera tech could take a year off.

-NFC (Near Field Communication) (unlikely, but still possible)
iOS 6 will include Passbook, a new app in that works like a mobile wallet. The addition of Passbook has led some to believe that NFC, or Near-Field Communication, will make an appearance in the next iPhone. But is unlikely since NFC in mobile-wallet tech is still hasn't gained much traction yet.

-New design
If the next iPhone will have some or all of the above features, it is very likely it will be redesigned.

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