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Submitted by Sl on Sun, 04/05/14 - 00:27

Last month, Spotify updated their service and apps with a new look and a new way to manage your music called “Your Music”.
I tried Spotify again 1 after this new update, and it has come a long way since the last time I used it last year.
Playlists without a Collection was my major problem with the service, but with “Your Music”, Spotify now has a collection, and improved on various other areas. I also love the curation - At night the Browse section shows “Sleep peacefully tonight” with “Late Night” and “Sleep” playlists. When I'm in the car it shows “Playlists for Driving” or “Spotify On the Go” and when I'm sitting on the coach right now writing this, it shows “Saturday Night Playlists” or “Tommorow is a New Yesterday”. And the Mac app comes with support for musiXmatch, the app I use for my lyrics needs.
Spotify is a great looking app with nice features and I suggest you give it a try, it's free to shuffle.

  1. I used to use Spotify as my music streaming service in 2011, before I discovered Grooveshark, I kept an eye on it since, but it never actually returned to be my go-to music streaming service.