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Changelog for Browsy

Browsy 1.2 - 16.5.2016:

Almost a year in the works, Browsy 1.2 brings a redefined browsing experience with an incredible amount of new features, performance improvements and a few bug fixes that make using the app a lot better.
The update includes:

New and Improved:

Some completely new views

  • New Reading View, allowing you to read all of your favorite websites in a clean layout without any ads, menus or other content. Powered by Marky (
  • New Tabs View, for browsing multiple webpages in the same time.
  • The New Notes View allows you to write quick thoughts, ideas, remarks you have while watching videos, reading and browsing and then send that text to other apps. Including an extra keyboard row that allows you to move the cursor with a swipe, select text with a two-finger swipe and move to the start or the end of the view with a double tap with two fingers on the edges of the row.

New Settings

  • The new Recent Sites setting allows the Omnibar to remember the last 100 websites you visited and makes visiting your favorite sites quicker and easier.
  • The new Disable Cache Setting - Complete privacy without cookies or any other kind of browsing data per tab.
  • New Feedback Center - Send feedback, bug reports and messages right from the Settings view. Powered by Apptentive.
  • Starting with the release of this update, the app will be priced at 3.99$ and the In-App Purchases were removed.

Support for the latest and greatest

  • The font used by the app has been changed to San Francisco, the new system font on iOS 9.
  • The app has been optimized for use with iOS 9’s iPad Multitasking features, you can now Slide Over Browsy for a quick browse, Use Browsy alongside another app with Split View and continue watching your video from Browsy in other apps with Picture in Picture.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for every view, available with iOS 9. Long press the Command key on your keyboard to view all of the available shortcuts for the view you are in.
  • Spotlight Search - Search your Notes, Bookmarks and Recent Sites from your Home Screen on iOS 9.
  • 3D Touch - Open the Notes View, Bookmarks view, Start a search or visit a website from your clipboard straight from your Home Screen on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, or use Peek and Pop to preview sites in the main view and the Bookmarks view.
  • Browsy now supports Handoff, so you can seamlessly move your browsing session between your iPhone or iPad (or even your Mac!). On the Mac, Handoff will open your currently displayed page on the browser you set as your default.

Improvements to the main view

  • New Gesture to hide all the buttons - Swipe right with 2 fingers to hide the buttons (including the More button). To hide the buttons on the Notes view, swipe with 3 fingers.
  • Support for SKStoreProductViewController - App Store apps, Apple Music songs and other iTunes links you tap will now open in a convenient in-app view that you can easily dismiss.
  • Support for JavaScript Dialogs: Alerts, Text Input and Confirmation Dialogs now work in the main view.
  • Support for websites that require authentication. Browsy now presents an authentication window for websites that require authentication to be accessed.
  • New System for the Loading Timer, with snappier websites loading and better error handling.
  • New Animations for Back and Forward Navigation - When you swipe to go back/forward you can see a snapshot of the previous/next website.
  • The Settings button has been redesigned to be more in line with the app's color scheme.

Better Extensibility

  • New Print action extension that allows you to print your favorite websites.
  • New Syntax Highlighting in Markdownify: Markdown Syntax in Markdownify is now highlighted and the text is clearer to use and easier to view with Prism.
  • New URL Scheme Improvements: You can now use browsy://?readq=(Your URL or Search Term) to open a website in reading view and use browsy://?view=(View Name) to launch the Bookmarks, Notes, Tabs or Settings view directly.

And One More Thing...

  • In a similar tone to Steve Jobs’ speech from 2007, Today I would like to introduce to you 3 revolutionary things. A new application, An update to Browsy and something you can use on your wrist. A new app, an update to Browsy, on your Wrist. An app, a browser, on your Wrist. Are you getting it? Ladies and Gentleman, these are not 3 separated creations, This is one creation. Introducing drumroll Browsy for Apple Watch! :) Use the Watch app to control the iPhone app from your Watch, view your Bookmarks, or do a quick search online. You can also have the Watch speak your search results to you through your iPhone and use Handoff and the Force Touch menu to move between the Watch and your iPhone (Handoff also works with your iPad or Mac).

Bugs and Other Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed a crash that might have occurred when trying to close the 1Password extension view when there are no login details to fill.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the Bookmarks View to open twice.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Buttons and Titles to change color randomly or on device rotation.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the Error view to appear even after loading the website.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused videos to be played automatically after loading a page with videos.

Browsy 1.1 - 28.6.2015:

Months in the making, Browsy 1.1 makes the browser you love so much better with a lot of new features, bug fixes and performance improvements.

New Features:

    • The app’s address bar has been bitten by a radioactive duck and is now known as Omnibar, savior of the web! With supersenses that allow it to search the web for search terms (with DuckDuckGo) and mind control to allow him to search inside other websites without going to those websites first (with DuckDuckGo !bangs)!
    • Supercharge your browsing - Use the awesome new powers of the omnibar for both your web searches and URLs.
    • Markdownify now uses the new in-house Marky API to markdownify your websites; powered by Kryptonite.
    • New Pinboard Bookmarks view with 100% more Corkboard and sticky notes than your average bookmarks view.
    • Security Owl is here with his new 1Password extension that allows you to securely fill in your login credentials while browsing the web. It’s available on the Share button if you have 1Password installed. Security Owl says he flies nowhere without it!
    • New In-App Purchases that allows users that love the app to send a tip; Warning: Browsy is immensely lovable!
    • New “More” button that controls the appearance of all the other buttons (currently the Share button, Bookmarks button). You can hide the “More” button and control it’s state on launch on the Settings view. Pro Tip: Hide the buttons and browse the web in the most minimal zen like way ever!
    • New “Keep Screen Awake” setting that prevents the screen from closing while using the app. Did you know that most Owls are nocturnal except the the short-eared owl who loves the daylight as much as you or me?

Bugs and Other Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed a bug causing the button to close the settings view on the iPad to appear as blue instead of white.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to turn off all of the “Show and Hide Controls” Switches.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Share view to show up empty sometimes while there is a URL loaded.
  • Fixed a bug causing the web view to be pushed back behind a white transparent background.
  • Fixed a bug allowing the web view to be scrollable without a URL loaded.
  • Fixed an issue that might prevent VoiceOver labels from playing.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented opening the About Browsy view.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the browsy:// URL Scheme from opening URLs that come after the ://. Now Browsy will accept any URL or a Search Term you use with this URL Scheme: browsy://?q=Your URL or Search Term.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Location Services from working on websites that require them (for example, Google Maps).

Browsy 1.0 - 23.3.2015:

  • Initial Release.