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Submitted by Sl on Sat, 30/11/13 - 20:51

Appdated is a series of links I will post from time to time about apps I like that has been updated. It's for when I got what to say about an update but it's not enough for a long review.

And on this post of Appdated:

Launch Center Pro 2.0

One of my favorite apps, Launch Center Pro by Contrast got updated for iOS 7 on October 10. Federico Viticci wrote everything I have to say about it. Launch Center Pro is 2.99$ on the App Store.

iPhoto for iOS 7

I really like the new iPhoto. It's 4.99$ on the App Store and free when you purchase a new iOS device.

Dropbox 3.0

The official Dropbox app was updated for iOS 7 and improved on almost every aspect of the app. There's just one thing that annoys me, the update doesn't include background uploading of photos…
Here's Federico Viticci's review of it.

Day One for iOS 7

The best journaling app is now ready for iOS 7 and also supports journaling music and daily step count from my iPhone 5s. Here's what Federico Viticci had to say. Day One is 4.99$ on the App Store.

Tweetbot 3-3.2

Tweetbot 3 was released as a separate app in October 24. It's a solid update that brings the app to iOS 7. On November 12, Tweetbot 3.1 was released with support for viewing links in the timeline view restored and support for setting your own text size. Tweetbot 3.2 was recently released with Night theme that can be activated with a two fingers swipe gesture (similar to the one in Riposte) and quick account switching feature (you can also sort your accounts now with drag and drop). Here is what Federico Viticci had to say about it and Shawn Blanc's Review.

Pythonista 1.4

Pythonista is now ready for iOS 7 and also have support for iOS Contacts and Open In. Here is what Federico Viticci wrote about it. Pythonista is 6.99$ on the App Store.


My favorite translations app is now universal, iOS 7 ready and with support for speaking Hebrew words to translate them. iTranslate is free on the App Store.