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~App Cubby Is Now Contrast

Submitted by Sl on Tue, 27/08/13 - 10:53

David Barnard, one of my favorite developers and maker of the only third party app that is in my iPhone dock, Launch Center Pro, announced this week that his company has a new name - Contrast. David also announced that Gas Cubby has been sold to Fuelly and finally revealed his upcoming weather app, Perfect Weather. Perfect Weather looks amazing in it's teaser on Instagram and I'm looking forward to it.

~Google Blindness

Submitted by Sl on Sun, 25/08/13 - 21:46

Marco Arment wrote a great article about the whole "Android is better than iOS" statement. I hear it a lot - "Android is Better than iOS", "Apple is shit" and other things that when ask I "why?" they lack a response or have a response like "it's just better". This article sums about everything I say to reply. I use Google services, I use Gmail for my personal mail(for my website email, I use my own mail server), Search, Maps for walking and public transport navigation(for car navigation I use Waze, which also belong to Google since earlier this year), YouTube and Chrome. There are some Google products that are great(and Google's iOS apps for their products are really nice), but like Marco, I keep myself logged out of my Google Account most of time(I'm only logged in when using Gmail or YouTube), and I try to keep my information away from Google. If you ever heard someone say "Android is Better" and I'm pretty sure you did, I suggest you read Marco's Article.

Editorial for iPad: Not Your Plain Plain Text Editor

Submitted by Sl on Sun, 25/08/13 - 20:45

Editorial is a new text editor for iPad by Ole Zorn, maker of Pythonista. Editorial is
not a plain plain text editor. It has inline Markdown previews and powerful automation workflows that changed the face of writing on the iPad forever. Read more about it inside this "too long to a be a link but still isn't an article" post.

~Alto Mail by AOL

Submitted by Sl on Sun, 25/08/13 - 20:26

Alto by AOL is a nice mail service I recently started using that allows me to manage my multiple email accounts together and got a nice Smart Mailbox feature called "Stacks". It is like for the web but with customizable smart mailboxes. You should check it out.

~Delight Is in the Details

Submitted by Sl on Sat, 10/08/13 - 19:12

Shawn Blanc released his new book, Delight is in the Details this week. It's an eBook/Audio Book speaking about why sweating the details on your creation is important, which is what I always say: "The small details are what separates good apps from great apps". You can purchase the book either as an eBook only for 20$ or purchase it as an eBook, Audio Book and an extra 7 interviews(4 hours of interviews) with 7 developers, designers, writers and entrepreneurs for 29$. I purchased the eBook, Audio Book and Interviews bundle and finished the book and interviews today, and I highly recommend it. Get it here.