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iCloud Beta Features Web Reminders and Notes

Submitted by Sl on Wed, 04/07/12 - 12:32


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In May, the iCloud beta website was shortly online to reveal a new Reminders and Notes Web Apps. It went offline really quickly until it became online 2 days ago, giving developers a preview of the new Reminders and Notes Web Apps.

When entering the iCloud Beta website you will see seven icons instead of five, four of which will have a beta banner in the left hand corner of them – Calendar, Notes, Reminders and Find My iPhone.

The Find My iPhone Web App received a new battery level icon, to give you an idea of how much time you got to find your lost iDevice. But, interestingly enough, the web app uses Google Maps instead of Apple's new Maps system introduced in the iOS 6 beta.

The Calendar Web App's only noticeable change is the removal of Reminders from the Calendar. This change doesn't appear in the Mail Web App, since the Notes folder still exists there.


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And now for the Notes and Reminders. Notes and Reminders look and act exactly like the iOS Apps of Notes and Reminders, you can create, edit or delete your notes and reminders and everything syncs quite well with your iDevice running iOS 6 beta, with updates being reflected on the iDevice in near-real time.

We expect the new iCloud Web Apps to be live for all users with the launch of iOS 6, coming this fall.

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