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Google Chrome 21 Adds Retina Display Support

Submitted by Sl on Fri, 03/08/12 - 17:10

Chrome 20 and 21 Comparison (click for full size)

Just after the release of the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display, Google promised Chrome users Retina Support. Chrome Users who bought the MacBook Pro with Retina Display were given 2 choices, Browse using a pixelated Chrome or Browse with the Retina Ready Safari. And 2 Days Ago( July 31), Google fulfilled their promise and Retina support is now part of the stable release of Chrome. This is a moment alot of Chrome users have been waiting for. Also added in this release of Chrome are WebRTC Media Stream API (webcam access via JavaScript) to let webcams and microphones have their way without Flash or other plugins, Wider support for Cloud Print, Gamepad API
Support for (pointer) and (hover) CSS media queries so sites can optimize their UI for touch when touch-screen support is available, Better sync sign-in support for 2-factor authentication ,Individual Flash for each profile (If you have 2 profiles running, you have 2 instances of Flash running) to have less Flash crashes and more.

You can get this new update to Chrome from the Chrome auto update if Chrome is already installed or by using this link.

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