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Dropit 1.3 and Other Updates

Submitted by Sl on Sat, 26/04/14 - 21:15

I have uploaded an update to Dropit today and then I figured out - I haven't posted about the previous updates. In the last month (March - April) I have created a new script, an update to Rodeo Blue, 2 updates to Dropit, and I haven't posted about any of these changes.
So to right this wrong, Here are all the latest updates to all of my creations:


SOS Weather

Around the end of February, Dr. Drang published a Pythonista script to check the weather from Weather Underground. Like me, the good doctor didn't have a weather app he really enjoyed using. I have tried Check The Weather by David Smith, Today Weather by Savvy Apps, and also Perfect Weather by Contrast - but none of them really stuck with me. I also don't check the weather so much so I gave up trying to found one and checked the Notification Center's Today view when I wanted to know the weather. What I like about the Today view is that it's minimal. I am not overblown by pictures and information I don't need just “the weather now is X, the current temperature is Y, and the maximum temperature for today will be Z”. Sometimes there's also a “Tonight is gonna be cold with temperatures of X” or “chance of rain today”. That's all I really need to know. But what if I want to plan ahead? If I want to know what the weather will be like tomorrow or in a few days?
That's where SOS Weather comes in. A few after the Pythonista script, Dr. Drang published a new version of the script without Pythonista. This script acts as a CGI script in your server and when launched, fetches your current location and shows you the weather. I like the script for it's simple and minimal approach and it's details - Unlike the Today view, the script includes more information like sunlightand hourly forecasts. It also includes a daily forecast for the next 3 days.
But since I don't care about wind speed and pressure, and because I'm not in the United States I don't a have radar map for my location I have modified the script to use satellite maps, chance of rain data, humidity and more forecasts (for the next 10 days instead of 3). I have also made the script into a web app you can add to your home screen, changed the styling with a different font and also made a Hebrew translation to the script. I called it SOS Weather - SOS stands for Swimsuit or Sweater? and you can use it with your own server by downloading it here. (The Hebrew version is here.) I also made versions for Pythonista (English and Hebrew).

The Changelog

All the release notes for all of my products (apps, scripts, extensions or anything else ) will now appear on the Changelog available from the Products Page.

Rodeo Blue

I have updated Rodeo Blue with the buttons it was missing and it will now also automatically update itself if I release a new update. It's available here on Github.


In September, I released Dropit, a Python script that uses Dropbox to allow you to listen to your music anyway you want, anywhere you are. In the release announcement, I wrote on my plans for the future of it. I wrote “Ability to trigger the script from your iOS Device” as one of the features I'm thinking of and on December, with Dropit 1.1 I have made the script run periodically so you have to rerun it, thus, a way to trigger the script from your device is no longer needed.

Dropit 1.2

Dropit 1.2, released in March, comes with the automatic running of the script improved 1 and scripts that you can configure as Startup services, so Dropit will start running after you start your computer. So all you have to do now is just add songs to the folder (even from your iOS Device with an app like Documents by Readdle, and the feed will be refreshed automatically.

Dropit 1.3

This week, I found out that Dropbox is now requiring a Dropbox Pro account (9.99$/month for 100GB of space) to enable your Public folder. If you already had a Public folder, it won't go away, but new users that want to use the Public folder can't enable it without upgrading their account. Since the script is offered to you for free, it doesn't make sense to make it work with Dropbox only. So in Dropit 1.3 I updated the script and you can now use it on any service that allows public sharing, for example Google Drive or Amazon S3. And if cloud services aren't your thing, you can use it with your FTP or WebDAV server. All you have to do is put your folder's link 2 in the settings file. If you want to keep using Dropbox, replace the public folder token with the full public folder link. Get the update here.

And that's it for now. I hope I will have more time to write in the coming months and I hope you will enjoy all of these new updates. As always, if you have anything you would like to say, I'm here for you and you can feel free to contact me.

If you have questions/ideas/suggestions/something to say about anything on the website, feel free to contact me via email, Twitter or, Thanks for reading! :)

  1. The way it worked on version 1.1 was that the script would be relaunched every 10 seconds, and it made a situation where the script stopped running and stopped reopening after some time. In version 1.2 the script is always running, but refreshes the feed every 10 seconds, and it also includes a log to notify a successful run. 

  2. The public link to your folder. For example: In Amazon it will something like , for Google Drive it will look like and for your FTP it will look like a regular website address (